Our 5 Values


Customer Satisfaction: Find success with us!
A culture of customer satisfaction is at the heart of IODA priorities
where listening is essential. This indicator is measured with each mission to constantly improve our services and maintain mutual trust.

Team satisfaction: We find success with you!
IODA relies on each of its team members, adapting
to their evolving expectations and including them in the company’s planning and development actions.


In the era of digital and cultural transformations, it’s more important than ever to ensure a human touch is at the core of all major changes.
 IODA readily encourages talent, creativity and collective intelligence.
IODA values interaction and the sharing of ideas and know-how to help make joint adventures successful.

We’ve got a rich and varied repertoire.  Are you more into classical or jazz? Java? Veteran soloists or young virtuosos? With us, the theme is all but pre-defined, the arrangements are composed by many hands and the tempo is steady.

Ready to Go Live? Once tuned to a common goal and the conductor indicates the first note, we flawlessly play the best score together with a catchy new R.



Our Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Environmental Impact: We are determined to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize our impact on the environment. We invest in sustainable technologies and practices to reduce our energy consumption, our use of natural resources, and we actively encourage our employees to adopt environmentally friendly behaviors.

Social Responsibility: We contribute positively to our local ecosystem and to society as a whole. We support charitable initiatives, encourage volunteerism among our employees, and are committed to creating an equitable and diverse work environment.

Corporate Governance: We are committed to transparent and ethical corporate governance. We ensure that our decisions and operations are guided by principles of accountability, integrity and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Responsible Innovation: We are constantly looking for ways to innovate responsibly, developing products and services that meet the needs of our customers while minimizing negative impacts on society and the environment.


In the era of transformation and change, stagnating is synonymous to moving backwards. Our strength lies in combining our genes with a pragmatic business vision.

You’ll benefit from our full understanding of processes and technologies as we advise you with complete objectiveness using our proven methods.

The result for you: specific, fast and evolutional solutions to speed up your growth.

Our DNA is all about anticipation and innovation.



Just like a meticulous tailor, our creed is based on personalization and precision.​
Our services are perfectly adjusted with added value:​
understanding the needs to refine and shape. We even go so far as to challenge the initial sketches with feedback and our market knowledge to size them to perfection.​
From the very source of inspiration to the stylish design and then on to production, extreme care and rigorous dedication are at each stage to seamlessly enhance your customer's omnichannel journey.

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